Vortex Generators are small metal blades installed on the leading edge of an aircraft's wing. VGs create vortices which energize the air as it flows over the wing. As the angle of attack increases, this energized air stays attached to the wing longer, allowing the aircraft to fly slower.
Our vortex generators are small pieces of 6063-T651 aluminum extrusion machined to our exact specifications. Our blade style design, which is the standard used on certified aircraft, has been proven to provide a better vortice than the delta/shark fin type of VG.
Unlike plastic vortex generators, our aluminum VGs are impervious to ultra-violet light, rain, icy conditions and general wear and tear. They will not break off or become distorted. They adhere to the same specifications that the FAA requires of vortex generators for certified aircraft.
To provide you with optimal performance, we have two different sizes of vortex generators available, depending on your particular wing and / or air foil.


● Decreased stall speeds
 ● Improved low-speed handling characteristics
 ● An added safety margin for low-speed flight
 ● Significantly improved low-speed aileron control
 ● Improved cross wind handling at low speeds
 ● Increased safety margin in the event of an engine
 ● Reduced take-off distance, improving short field
 ● Reduced take-off from water for float equipped
 ● Reduced tire and brake wear due to landing at
 lower speeds, resulting in less maintenance.


Q: How much will vortex generators reduce my stall speed?
A: Conservatively, a 4 to 6 mph reduction in stall speed can be expected. This varies between aircraft and some of our customers have experienced as much as a 12 mph reduction.
Q: Will vortex generators affect my top speed performance?
A: At maximum power, you may experience a 0-4 mph reduction, but this depends on the particular aircraft. At normal cruising speed there is no noticeable reduction.
Q: My plane already flies great. Why would I want vortex generators?
A: Vortex Generators are best known for lowering the stall speed of aircraft. But, in addition, customers always remark about how much better their planes handle at low speeds and how much more responsive their ailerons are. They also feel an extra margin of safety they hadn't experienced before.
Q: I've heard of plastic VGs. Do they work as well as aluminum VGs?
A: Plastic vortex generators, even when treated with UV inhibitors, still break down under ultra violet rays. They become brittle, break off and fail. Aluminum has been proven and certified by the FAA for general aviation aircraft and has become the standard to provide a high quality, long lasting VG. The stiffness of this material, along with the profile of our VGs, generates the best vortice for optimal performance. We've actually had customers remove plastic VGs from their aircraft and replace them with our kits. Their performance numbers even improved.
Q: Can I use aluminum vortex generators on my composite or fabric wing?
A: Yes. the adhesive we provide is compatible with these materials.
Q: Do vortex generators increase the weight carrying capacity of the aircraft?
A: No
Q: Can I really install vortex generators myself?
A: Yes! We provide the materials and the instructions for you to be able to do your own installation.