My LANCAIR 360  has much better low speed handling with the vortex generators and I got a 10 knot reduction in the
stall speed. Dean E.

With the VGs on my MURPHY MOOSE. I've been able to drop my approach speed by 5+ knots and still feel the controls
are solid. Elevator control seems far more effective in the flare with VGs than previously without VGs. I have better
aileron control in slow speed, high angle of attack situations. Ted W.

Vortex Generators on my WAG AERO CUB have changed my performance significantly. Slow speed control is great.
Take off speed on floats has gone from 42 mph to 38 mph indicated. The take off roll has been reduced substantially.
I'm very happy! Perry M.

I recently purchased your VG Kit for my GLASTAR and first installed the VGs on the underside of my stab. Really firmed
up the feel on approach. This is a welcome addition here in Alaska. Soon as the weather improves, I look forward to
installing the rest on the main wing. I can't imagine a better mod for the money if you're flying into shorter,
unimproved strips. Thanks for a great, easy to install kit. Dan C.

The stall speed on my MURPHY REBEL went from 46 knots without vortex generators to 38 knots with VGs. Both the aileron
control and low speed handling were improved. The kit was well worth the money! Dennis S.

This was probably the best modification I have made to my COZY MARK IV and I would recommend others with canards
to do the same - a huge safety benefit in my opinion. Here is a quick summary of the benefits: lower rotation speed;
lower approach and landing speed (at least 10 knots); improved aileron control at low speeds and minimal impact
on top speed (estimate 1-2 knots, but hard to measure such a small change). Mark B.

By installing the vortex generators on my KITFOX I have lowered the stall speed by 6 to 8 mph. As the stabilizer and
elevator on my Kitfox are airfoiled, I also installed VGs under the stabilizer. They certainly improved the elevator
effectiveness on full flap, full stall landings. Floran H.

My newly built RV9A handled very well and I was quite pleased with the overall performance. But I was intrigued with
vortex generators and decided to have them installed temporarily to see if there would be any noticeable difference.
The low speed and landing characteristics were greatly improved and also the aileron control near stall. I was so
pleased, I immediately had them installed permanently! Chuck D.

When I purchased my double clip wing CHALLENGER the stall speed was 45 mph and it fell sharply when in a
power or level stall. After installing the VG Kit I found it would not stall with the stick back and full power, at level flight
it would quit flying at 34 mph and the nose would dip gently. The plane is stable and fun to fly. Bill C.